Next public event: Exhibit “Conversations in breath” at the Twin Dome

During the month of July an immersive sound exhibition by Wendy Bell features in the renowned Twin Dome, part of University of St Andrews Observatory.  A unique blending of Physics and Art presents an unforgettable exhibition experience. The repetitive processes of breath form patterns in continuum, patterns that float unseen in the ambient atmosphere, like oceanic waves creating universal patterns of crests and troughs.

Wendy Bell is a Conceptual Artist and PhD Candidate, University of Dundee, Scotland.

Opening hours:
6 July 2024 6.30pm-8.30pm
7 July 12-4pm
13-14 July 12-4pm
20-21 July 12-4pm
27-28 July 12-4pm

Weather information: The St Andrews weather camera from FifeWeather is on the roof of the School of Physics & Astronomy and gives useful information on cloud coverage at the observatory at the day of your visit. The weather forecast for St Andrews can provide some indication about the outlook – in addition to the Met Office, we recommend Meteoblue.


The observatory is located off Buchanan Gardens in St Andrews, surrounded by the University playing fields. This is a few minutes walk from the center of town and easily accessible from the B939 road from St Andrews towards Strathkinness. There are a few parking spaces available directly at the observatory.