The observatory will remain closed for visitors and groups for the time being, at the minimum until summer 2021.

Opening hours: The James Gregory Telescope is open on the first Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm, independent of the weather. This is a chance to see the biggest telescope in the country in action, particularly recommended when the night is clear and the JGT is producing images. An astronomer will be at hand to give a tour and answer questions. Download the poster and spread the word. Note: It may happen occasionally that the monthly tour is not going ahead, for example due to lack of staffing or public holidays. To be sure, contact us by email or phone or keep an eye on the Facebook page for announcements.

Open Nights: Twice in the year, the astronomy group at the School of Physics & Astronomy organises open nights at the observatory, typically in November and in March. Similar to the regular opening hours, the James Gregory Telescope will be open, but our other telescopes will also be in action. If the sky is clear, small telescopes will be installed for visual observations. Talks and posters inform about ongoing research at the School of Physics & Astronomy. The astronomers will be around to answer questions and share news. We usually have extra activities for children during these evenings. Keep an eye on this page and the Facebook page (which can be viewed without having a Facebook account) for updates.

Guided tours: We can also arrange specific tours, either during daytime or at night, for school classes, scout groups, amateur astronomers, tourist groups, or students – please get in touch.

Reviews: If you have visited us, please consider a review on Facebook or Tripadvisor.

Weather information: The St Andrews weather camera from FifeWeather is on the roof of the School of Physics & Astronomy and gives useful information on cloud coverage at the observatory at the day of your visit. The weather forecast for St Andrews can provide some indication about the outlook – in addition to the Met Office, we recommend


The observatory is located off Buchanan Gardens in St Andrews, surrounded by the University playing fields. This is a few minutes walk from the center of town and easily accessible from the B939 road from St Andrews towards Strathkinness. There are a few parking spaces available directly at the observatory.