The observatory is continuously upgraded and improved. This is particularly important for the James Gregory Telescope which needs to be adapted for new areas of research and new technological developments. If you are interested in supporting the observatory by offering donations or expertise or by doing a student project, please get in touch. Here are some of the plans we are hoping to implement in the future – and some that already have happened:

  • modernised JGT control room and teaching space ✔
  • new camera for the JGT, installed in its prime focus ✔
  • all-sky camera for the observatory ✔
  • refurbishment of the Napier building ✔
  • a new remotely controlled research telescope ✔
  • exhibit and teaching space in the old Twin dome ✔
  • new observing pipeline software for the JGT ✔
  • a new camera with filter wheel for fast multi-colour photometry ✔
  • complete remote control for the JGT
  • renewal and upgrade of the JGT optics
  • upgrade of the spectroscopic Leslie Rose Telescope
  • an observatory fellowship scheme